Big Names Choose the Philippines

Major companies in Australia, UK and USA choose to outsource to the Philippines.

So MANY Advantages

The language skills, the work culture, the customer service approach, the quality of education, the high demand for work and the low cost of operation makes the Philippines an outsourcing gem.

Save on expenses

One of the main advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines is the cost-effective rate of services. The cost differentiation between salaries, benefits, and operational overheads make it extremely appealing to most businesses. It is estimated that western companies can save 75%-85% in salaries alone.

English skills

In 2013, according to a GlobalEnglish study, the Philippines was announced the world’s no. 1 country in Business English among non-native English speakers. At 7.95 Business English Index (BEI), the Philippines has overtaken 77 countries all over the world.


The western educational standard in the Philippines is comparatively high when compared with other developing countries, which makes it easier for businesses to hire highly skilled employees in their respective fields.

Service oriented

Aside from the familiarity of Filipinos with the Western business practices, Filipinos are also known to take pride in their work and go the extra mile just to exceed the level of service expected of them. Prepare to have your expectations exceeded.

Government support

The BPO industry has continuously provided a steady boost for the economy during the last decade, and such positive impact did not pass unnoticed by the local government. Over these recent years, the government’s support for BPOs has been stronger than ever.

Proven track record

The Philippine BPO industry has proven an excellent track record for delivering superior service to their clients.

Companies That Outsource to the Philippines