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We look forward to getting to know you and your work process. Before we do, here’s a little more information about us.


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Who We Are

We are a start up based in Israel, backed by experience in sales, marketing, training, head hunting, IT (infrastructure, VoIP and web), video and photography. Our main thrust is to help businesses from all sectors to cut costs and have the possibility to expand while increasing productivity. We emphasize on transparency with regards to monitoring and quality assurance.

Arnold Eligado

Arnold was born and raised in the Philippines. He moved to Israel in 1994 and made it his home. Arnold has been active in various industries, mainly in the sales and outsourcing sectors. Some of the roles Arnold has filled during the past 20+ years include working as an independent Journalist for the Filipino ABSCBN news agency, Dealer for a Filipino telecom company in Israel, Editor for a Tel Aviv based English magazine, Business Developer for a Filipino BPO company, Sales Trainer & Manager in the financial industry and Head Hunter for executive sales vacancies.

Yuval Moyal

Yuval was born and raised in Israel. He has always been attracted to arts and the technical side of things. Since 2006, when he decided to leave the automotive industry and make his way into the high tech world, he has gained a vast hands-on experience in the fields of IT and VoIP technology, project management, product and software dev management, operations, training, user experience, content writing, online marketing, design, video and print production.